Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered here, please check our Facebook page where we have a community conversation, or Contact Us by email. Thank you!

Q: I have upgrade to Pro but it has not downloaded anything

A: The in-app purchase does not download anything, but it unlocks the Pro features. If you are halfway through the free Pro Trial, and upgrade, you may not notice anything different since all the Pro features are already activated during the trial.

Q: Where is the database? I want to back it up?

A: The database is in a hidden application folder. If you want to simply backup the database, you can do it in 2 easy ways. First, enable the OneDrive backup. This is perhaps the most important thing to do. In Settings you can enable this. Each time the app opens, it will check to see if the data changed the last time the app was opened. If so, it will start uploading the database to OneDrive in the background. Do note that it will stop the upload if you close the app, but it will start again the next time you open the app.  The datafile is stored in OneDrive/Index Cards folder.  I recommend all users enable this backup function, in case your computer fails on your somehow (remember it's not a question of IF but WHEN).  

Another way to do a manual back, is to go into Settings and go to the 'Backup and Restore' tab.  Then select 'Save to File'. You can then save the database file to your Desktop or any other folder. (Note, I have seem some weird issues when trying to save the file to Dropbox, so if you get an error just save the file to your desktop or other folder on your computer, and then copy it to Dropbox if you want).   

Finally, if you really want to know where the 'data' is you can find the database file at the following location. It's in a hidden application data file that is normally hidden from users.  Remember with great power comes responsibility so please do not change/delete any of the data in this folder, else the app and your data might get corrupted.   The Index Cards data folder is located at C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Local\Packages\07AF453C.IndexCards_8d3dhe1xtdz30 (or similar)\LocalState.  In this LocalState folder you will find the IndexCards.db database along with other data. Again, do not do anything other than a simple file copy of this file if you have to, else you are risking the permissions and integrity of that core data file.  If you are unable to see this folder, you might need to go into the Windows File Explorer permissions and check 'Hidden Items' in the View tab. 

Q: Is there an iPhone or Android version?

A: No, not yet unfortunately!  We've been perfecting the Windows version, but are now actively looking at this new avenue to make the apps for iOS and Android. this is however a long process and first requires us to do some work to store data in the cloud, and then build the apps themselves. We are currently working on this first part, which will allow multiple windows machines to sync to the same data. We hope to have this feature in Q4 2018.  From there we will then be able to build the mobile apps.  As a work around in the meantime, don't forget you can nicely export Stacks as PDF - and you can view them on your phone.

Q: Can I move/copy/tag all cards in a stack at once?

A: Yes. You can use the keyboard command CTRL-A, but you must have checked at least one card  in the multi-select view first, so the app knows you are in card select mode.

Q: Can I export data to other apps such as ANKI, Scrivener, Quizlet or other?

A: Yes. We have a few methods, depending on how you need the data. You can export as a Text file, and you can also export a Stack as a zip file of images.

Q: The app seems to be running very slow

A: This is a tricky one, since it can depend on many factors not do with the app itself.  It is true that the app is quite graphics intensive, as you expect from an app that is dealing with ink and thumbnail images. However, we have built the app and it runs very efficiently and has a small memory footprint. We have spent a lot of time looking at the performance metrics in visual studio, and have also done many refinement to increase performance.  However, software development is one long beta-test as I often like to tell my friends, so if you are finding any trouble with the app please do let us know.  It might be due to the app syncing data to OneDrive in the background. It might be due to other apps eating up your memory. It might be due to the memory of app increasing if you are doing a lot of copying/importing of images etc. Sometimes a quick close and open of the app might help. Sometimes a restart of your computer might help.   

Q: Is there an instruction manual?

A: Sort of - there is no official document, but the tutorial is built into the app itself. When you install the product first time there is a 'Tutorial Stack'. That contains about 40 cards that will teach you the essentials. There are also online videos (on this site, the Video tab).   Finally, if you have for some reason deleted the Tutorial Stack, you can always restore it. Just to go Settings/Backup and Restore, and select 'Restore Tutorial'.

Q: Can I print Index Cards?

A: Yes! Depending on your printer, if it can handle blank 3"x5" card stock you can print directly to cards.  Most printers can't do that so you can buy Avery 5388 Card Stock. We have designed a print mode option specifically to handle this Index Cards card stock.  You can print 3 cards to a page.  Check out the tutorial video on our videos page.

Q: Can I remove lines from the front of the card?

A: Yes, in the Pro version of the app we give you the features to remove lines, and even change card color.

Q: Can I alphabetize the cards in a stack?

A: Yes, in the Pro version you can sort the cards in a stack by title, date or order.

Q: The app is not launching on startup

A: We've heard a few users have this problem, and its also a common issue with other apps across Windows 10 users, not just to our app.  The truth is that we don't have a specific answer on how to solve this. It seems to be related to a corruption of the user profile data in the Microsoft Store.  Some users have been successful in resetting the app. You can do this by going to the Windows 'All Settings', selecting 'Apps'. Then go to 'Apps and Features' and look for Index Cards, and click once on the item. Then go to Advanced Options and scroll down to 'Reset'.  Clicking Reset will reset all the app data and hopefully its connection to the store.  Warning: By doing this you will also lose your data.  If you have data that you want to keep, you can use the advanced method described in the FAQ above about the Index Cards database.  If this Reset does not work, you might try to uninstall and re-install the app. If that doesn't work, you might want to see if there is a corruption in your user profile with the store.  You can figure this out by creating another account on your computer, and then try to install Index Cards again. If that works, then unfortunately there is an issue with your user ID.  You might want to try to log out of the Microsoft Store and re-login. That might clear up any corrupted profile information.  Failing this, at this point I would suggest reaching out to Microsoft support forums for more detailed help or do some searching on the internet.  Some users have found command line solutions to this but it can be a bit complex but in our research this is not a problem with a simple common fix. Let's hope this is not happening to you!

Q: Can I resize the images I added to a card?

A: Good question. Unfortunately not at this time  We are working to improve this.  We are aware also that sometimes images look blurry. The reason for this is actually a bug in the Microsoft rich text edit box control that we are using - we hope this will be fixed in the future.

Q: Is this app available in different languages?

A: No, not at this time, but we will look into this in the future.  Please let us know what language you would like.

Q: I have filled up the card with text. Why is there no scroll bar?

A: This is a question we get a lot!  The simple answer is that this is by design.  Sometimes you have to be true to the original concept and to maintain simplicity. An index card, by its very nature, is a limited small piece of paper, whose very size forces a user to be brief, quick, simple and creative.  The 'bounded-ness' of the card, means that you have to think creatively within the space of the card.  If we included a scroll bar then it would not be a true simulation of a real index card.  And also people would then not see or remember that they had more text hidden further down the card.  In fact, this was one of the key reasons that I built this app. It is not meant to be a replication of OneNote. That is a great tool to take long notes, with an infinitely expanding piece of paper. The problem with that, at least for me, is that you can't see those notes quickly, visually. In Index Cards you can, by seeing the visual thumbnails. This ensures that you can quickly look at your cards in a stack and know exactly what is on each card and this gives you the holistic view of your notes.   As a little concession, we do have the Pro feature where you can adjust the size of the text on a card.  This way you an fit more onto a card.  We do know that you can add more text on the front of card than what you can see, but that is only because we don't want to control your typing. We might include the ability to have a scroll bar on the back of the card, as an option, but we will make sure that the front of the card at least stays true to a real index card!

Q: I don't see the 'back' arrow in the top-left to go back to the thumbnail view from the card edit view

A: This is probably due to the fact that you might be in Windows 10 'Tablet' mode, not Desktop mode. If you are in Tablet view, you will see the back arrow at the bottom-left of the computer screen.

Q: Can I sync my data to multiple devices?

A: No,not really - yet. We are working on true cloud-sync between multiple Windows devices.  In the meantime you can do a 'hack' version by using the database restore feature on your other machines. Please note to only sync one machine to OneDrive, to ensure that is the master data. On you other machines, don't enable OneDrive sync within the app, but just regularly restore the database using the 'Restore from File' feature in the 'Backup/Restore' tab in Index Cards settings.

Q: How do I create a background image template myself?

A: Any image can be used as a background template image.  Try to format the image in a 5x3 ratio so it looks nice. If you want to be able to change the background card color then you will need to create a transparent image. If you don't then your background will still work but if you change card color you won't see the effect, since the card background is technically 'behind' the template image.  We used PowerPoint to build the templates. We have many background templates in the app, but I would love to add more. If you have an idea for a new background template then please contact us and we'll help you build one and perhaps even add it to the app!  I have created a new page on this site with 'User Provided' templates that you can download as images and use in the app as additional backgrounds.

Q: Is there a way to only view some of the groups in a stack? 

A: Not at this time, but here is power tip workaround:  We have two alternate ways: 1) You can select 'Hide' to hide the cards in some of the groups.  Then when you view the cards in the stack, the hidden cards won't show. 2) You can 'Tag' the cards in the groups you want to see and then use the Tag View to see those cards with those tags in a stack.