The Development of

Index Cards is created by Sundaram Applied Technologies, Inc. an app developer in Silicon Beach, Venice, California, focused on developing apps that help boost creativity and consciousness.

I believe that technology makes it possible to improve creativity, productivity, and personal freedom. I believe in using technology to improve our lives in new, fun and cool ways. Technology can help the human creative process by:

1) Having unlimited input and display capabilities in computers like pen, touch, and other tactile interaction methods such as the new Microsoft Dial. In the case of the Index Cards app you experience a true to life, visual canvas for your ideas that you can interact with your pen, keyboard and hands, seeing the results on the screen - providing a creative canvas experience not possible using just pen and paper alone.

2) Benefiting from the immense efficiency and organizing capabilities of today’s computers to make the creative process more productive and efficient, enabling us to save paper, and store thousands of ideas and notes in your tablet or desktop.

3) Being beyond physical, beyond paper, allowing you freedom to carry your ideas with you everywhere, and share with everyone, anytime. Now you can be anywhere, even on top of a mountain, and be creative when and where it suits you, with all your ideas at your fingertips when you need them. Your ideas can be communicated to others as part of a virtual team, fostering ideas and creativity world-wide.

I designed the Index Cards app specifically for pen-enabled Windows 10 tablets and desktops such as the Microsoft Surface. As a technology consultant, I use the Surface every day since it came out. The device offers incredible potential for note taking and idea generation with its pen input capabilities. However, I felt that the potential of the Surface device had not been maximized.

I wanted an app that would allow me to brainstorm better than using a notebook or a packet of Index Cards, but couldn’t find it. Even with my Surface device and its great pen enabled apps like Microsoft OneNote, I found that the apps available did not provide a simple to use, beautiful, visual picture of my notes and ideas. So, I built the Index Cards app to do just that.

With Index Cards you can scribble on the index cards, you can see your ideas laid out in front of you, you can re-arrange them in stacks and you can easily go back to them later just like real paper ones and you can share them unlimitedly (better than paper), and the good news is that its available EVERYONE to enjoy...just download the app.

I've aimed to make the experience as true-to-life as possible, leveraging the power and benefits of technology to make using Index card app better than using real index cards and hopefully cooler too!

Index Cards app, currently available for Windows 10 devices, and optimized for pen enabled tablets like the Microsoft Surface, will allow you to take beautiful ink notes, and organize your notes in stacks – just like in real life. 

Finally, you can realize the power of technology to amplify an already powerful method of using index cards, to become more organized, creative, and productive!

Let us know what you think.  I hope you enjoy the app for whatever you use it for, be it taking notes, writing stories, to use as flashcards, or organizing your tasks and projects.. the list goes on!

Do tell us how you use it and send us suggestions for new features.

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Finally, a big thanks to Lazlo and Pallam for being such great developers and helping to make this vision a reality.



Prem Sundaram

Sundaram Applied Technologies, Inc.

Silicon Beach, California