"Damn, wish I had a Windows 10 device, it looks awesome! " - actual quote

Designed specifically for Windows 10, with devices like the Microsoft Surface in mind, Index Cards will allow you to take beautiful ink notes, and organize your notes in stacks - just like in real life with real index cards!

Just like with real Index Cards you can:

  • Draw with pen, or type
  • Flip the card to write on the back
  • Organize your cards within each stack
  • Unlimited stacks
  • Share via email, PDF or send to OneNote
  • Insert images
  • Personalize Stacks with an Image
  • Import and Export Stacks
  • Microsoft Surface Dial Support

Standard app is FREE and only $9.99 to activate Pro features:

  • Search
  • Tags
  • Dynamic font/line size
  • Folders (Groups within Stacks)
  • Remove PDF export watermarks
  • More cool features to come!

Developed in Silicon Beach!

More Testimonials!

**** A great little tool for creatives!

MS should buy this program and make it part of the Fall Creators update... so much nicer than sticky notes. Not since OneNote have ] been as happy with a productivity application. Index card fills a need and does so well. So why only 4 stars? There are a few things that still need work, but I paid for this app to encourage continued support. This product looks like a labor of love.

***** Very helpful for index cards lovers

Just started using it. Looks good. Microsoft has returned the cardfile of Windows 3.1! In the 1990s cardfile helped me to organize the reference list of my doctoral thesis. It is still very basic but sufficient for many purpose (it is FREE and no ads!). I would love to see the option of having hyperlinks and tags.


***** Best Index Card App & It's Not Even Close

This is a great app! Big shout out to the developers for developing it! The UI and inking features are great. One thing would be cool to add would be ink-to-text function as well. Other than that, terrific app.

***** Just what I needed

I've been looking at different flashcard apps and this is the only one that has been user friendly with the surface pen. The response time with the pen is great and the whole set up reminds me of the drawboard PDF which I use for all of my classes already.

***** Excellent stuff!

Us Surface users have been looking for something like this for years! Most ink enabled flashcard apps handle ink very poorly, and it seems to be an afterthought more than a main feature. This app has put some thought into it. I love the looks of the flashcards, and the classic style of it all. It feels really good, also nice that you can change background. Ink works good, I've had no crashes. I'm able to take screenshots and paste them onto the flashcard very smoothly. You can also move the flashcards around easily. It's not perfect of course, so here's some feedback for the developers: 1. Add an undo button. 2. Add a paste button 3. Smoother transitions: the animations are nice when they work, but a lot of the time they are slow. Maybe make animations optional, for people with lower specs? 4. An easier way to move pictures. Though I'm guessing that's pretty advanced, since I can't even move pictures in Word particularly smoothly... 


***** Just what I needed for my project

Great for note taking, on the go, for story writing using my pen. Equally handy with just a keyboard.