We are pleased to introduce the successor to Index Cards : NoteDex

One of the most common requests for our Index Cards app for Windows has been to make it cross platform, so it can be used on multiple computers, phones and tablets - Mac, Windows, Chromebook, iPad etc. NoteDex is this - and more - finally!

NoteDex is currently launched for the Web and for Android, and allows true cross-platform creation of Index Cards. Create and share cards on multiple computers, including Mac and PC, using just your web-browser. The Web interface is a fully-functional desktop-class app, equivalent to the Index Cards app for Windows here! We also have a native NoteDex app for Android - ideal for taking handwritten ink notes on Android tablets.  With NoteDex you can create, organize, retrieve and exchange index cards like never before.

We will be updating the Index Cards app for Windows in due course but currently this is NOT compatible with NoteDex.   Feel free to continue to purchase and use the Index Cards app for Windows here if you would like to, and in the coming months we will be issuing an update converting the Index Cards app into the NoteDex app.  Alternatively if you want to skip the line and go straight to using NoteDex, which we recommend, just go to and sign up for an account.  Thank you for supporting us during this transition!


"Damn, wish I had a Windows 10 device, it looks awesome! " - actual quote

Designed specifically for Windows 10, with devices like the Microsoft Surface in mind, Index Cards will allow you to take beautiful ink notes, and organize your notes in stacks - just like in real life with real index cards!

Just like with real Index Cards you can:

  • Draw with pen, or type
  • Flip the card to write on the back
  • Organize your cards within each stack
  • Unlimited stacks
  • Share via email, PDF or send to OneNote
  • Insert images
  • Personalize Stacks with an Image
  • Import and Export Stacks
  • Microsoft Surface Dial Support

Advanced Features include::

  • Search
  • Tags
  • Dynamic font/line size
  • Folders (Groups within Stacks)
  • Remove PDF export watermarks
  • More cool features to come!

14 Day Free Trial - Just $19.99 for full app purchase.

Developed in Silicon Beach!

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